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Remember when you were a grommet, and there was that older "cool dude" you looked up to? For me, Jonathan Durrant was that "dude". His care-free, goofy & wondrous character was everything I wanted to be, and not just me, but a bunch of other guys also admired Jonno. When I was 17 he invited me on a 7 month road trip around America to make some kooky film, and that's where I got to really know one of the most amazing humans to dance on this earth. Over the last 8 years we have collaborated on numerous projects, and the Goodcheer ethos of 'inspiring change through creativity' is a direct result of everything Jonno has taught me over those years. Read his interview and have a laugh… 

So...Jonno...What’s the meaning of life? 

Live, Love, God!

Meat Pies or Burritos? 

Meat Pies in Australia, Burritos in USA, quesadillas in Mexico!

Describe what love feels like.

Like pouring honey all over yourself, but the honey is happiness and it's not sticky!

How does it feel being our first choice ‘Amigo’ on the new Goodcheer website? 

First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest...shoulda done me third!

Good point, you do have an abnormally hairy chest. What’s better, getting a filthy barrel in Vicco or being our first amigo?

Barrel! This is pretty sweet too!

Tell me a story from living in New York.

For New Years Eve we went around the NYC. We went to my Russian restaurant where I work at 3pm for Moscow New Years Eve countdown, then to a Greek place for their timezone countdown, then Spanish, Irish, skipped a few hours, then Brazillian, then finished at a traditional NY house party for NYC midnight. Epic night!

What drives you to be the person you are?

The subway...I don't own a car! Haha, seriously, making people happy.

Last movie you watched and what rating you’d give it out of 30.

Chronicle...25/30 - It was about high school kids who get super powers and they could fly and move things etc. They used their powers to blow up girls skirts and fly to Tibet and accidently destroy Seattle, it was pretty cool.

Travelling makes me feel…

accomplished - I love covering as much as possible when travelling, so it feels great to have done so much.

You grew up listening to cassettes of bird noises and these days you can pick a Black-chinned Honeyeater from a mile away. When has this talent come most in handy for you?

It's a New Holland Honeyeater helped me talk to birds....get it?

What’s gets you the most stoked in life (not including being our first amigo)?

Making people laugh, with me or at me!

Who would win a presidential campaign between a polar bear and Lion and Why?

Lion. Polar couldn't Bear it!

Your favourite part of the day is when…

I get to talk to or see a friend.

Would you prefer to be a world class break dancer or pole-vaulter?

Pole vaulter, they are pretty big....not massive!

You’ve got a pretty epic reputation for being one of the nicest people in the world. How does that title sit with you?

Pretty nicely! I love being the guy to be there for people when I can.

I can imagine you picked your nose and ate it as a kid… Did you? 

Absolutely, yes!

What’s keeping you busy these days Mr Durrant? 

Surfing 28 States, Mari Vanna (Russian Restaurant), Christian Oth studios, SNP Communications, Minnesota Wedding, 1 Year Cheap Ass Honeymoon

Top ‘to-do’ thing on your bucket list? 

Surf the moon

What’s one piece of advice that has always stuck with you?

If you don't ask, the answer is always no!