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Lincoln Caplice is one cool dude. From the clothes he wears through to the films he creates Linc is known for a clean, stylish aesthetic that is pretty flawless. On top of that, you could argue he's never had a bad job and never looked unattractive, but thats why interviews where created right? To ask the hard hitting questions, and receive hard hitting answers about washing dishes and wearing high heels. Above all Lincoln is a humble, driven individual who is going to go far in life, and we're psyched to be a part of that. I sat down with this legend for a cuppa and chat only 48 hours after arriving back from the US of A. Enjoy.  

Howdy! So Linc, describe yourself in 7 words.

Awwww. Anxious. Perfectionist. Tall [laughs]. Sometime insecure… I guess creative. This feels like a job interview [laughs]. 

What's the best drink to ever hit your tastebuds. 

I think Horchata, that Mexican drink, it's made from almonds and rice I think. Yeah, Horchata in Mexico is pretty tasty. You also can't go past a beer with friends...

Sum up your last 3 months in 3 sentences.

I….. travelled to America, hung out in LA and New York. A little bit for work, a little bit for pleasure. And yeah, I really gained perspective on my life and what I want to do with my career. I met some amazing, inspiring people. That's what travel is all about, perspective.

Rad. What was the percentage breakdown on work vs pleasure? 

Woah like 80 percent pleasure 20 percent work [laughs]. Even the work kinda felt like pleasure though.

So Im looking at a very pleasured Lincoln Caplice right now?

[laughs] Yeah and a very broke Lincoln Caplice. 

Thats a good Lincoln Caplice. So… Who's your dream babe? 

Uh no. Maybe that girl who just got nominated for an oscar for silver linings playbook. She was in Like Crazy too - Jeniffer Lawrence. I dunno, I'm not one for a celebrity crush but I'm into her. My dream babe would probably be tall, with freckles, has some drive in life. Intelligent. Someone who's inspires me. 

You vibe out on idiosyncrasies? 

Yeah I reckon it's the idiosyncrasies are what you fall in love with. The little things girls do, that you don't notice until you've been with them for a while - they're the best.

Cool Cool. Linc tell me the pro's & cons of the USA vs Australia. 

America is great for opportunity and career. The people are lovely. Its such a big country and so diverse within it you know. Its just a really inspiring place in terms of how talented people there are, but Australia's quality of life and its laid back attitude and the fact its home for me is what makes it so special. You can't really beat that. 

Last time you sent a postcard? 

I don't think Ive ever sent one [laughs]. Ive always wanted to. I like the romantic nature of… but its not functional [laughs]. I'll just send an email. 

I sent you one before. 

You have, from the states… maybe I'll send you one someday.     

Sweet, I love postcards. Whats the most fascinating country on your mind at the moment? 

Mexico, Morroco… Iceland has been only my mind for some time now. Especially when i was in New York it felt so much more accessible. I dunno, it's on my mind but I don't know what I'd do there. It'd be fun to shoot a clip there, no matter what you did it'd look awesome because the landscapes are so insane. It just seems like a cool place to go.


[awkward silence followed by laughs] 

Who inspires you? 

Friends inspire me a lot, which is such a cliche answer, but you see them around you doing their thing and it drives you to do what you wanna do. Inspiration comes from a lot of photographs and films, not even anything specific, just kinda what I'm into that day. 

Is there such thing as too much fun? 

I was about to say yes, because i feel like if you're having too much fun there's no control over it, but i think thats something i need to learn, you can always have more fun. If you're doing something thats not fun whats the point? If you can think of an idea thats fun to do than that will definitely come through in your work. 

Man I love that saying "if you're doing something thats not fun then whats the point?". Any other good quotes you can drop on us?

Not off the top of my head… "If your'e right you're right". [laughs] it doesn't mean anything but i like that "if you're right you're right". 

How happy are you with your answers so far? 

Oh man, Im comparing them to other people who are really witty and funny and mine are so straight down the line. But I guess thats who I am. 

No way theres been plenty of laughs in there. 

Yeah theres been some laughs. 

When do you know your work is done?

I'd keep going on every project if I didn't have deadlines. I mean, its good to put deadlines and accept thats when it has to be finished or else it goes on for days and days. Thats what I love about film, you capture what you capture and thats what you have to play with. To give yourself restrictions creates creativity I think. Theres another quote for ya. 

Man thats gold. Real good quote. So Linc, you've probably had the best run of jobs out of anyone i know, have you ever had a bad one? 

[laughs] yeah Ive been pretty lucky. Ive been able to work with some amazing companies and amazing people and Im so grateful for that. I have worked as a dishwasher though… but I got fired because I was too tall for the sink [laughs] 

Thats awesome discrimination. How tall are you Linc? 

Six four, six five, depends on who Im talking to. 

When you're in your heels probably six six.

Probably six seven. [laughs]

How important is it to have mentors? 

Super important. I think you can always learn more. Just to watch other people and how they work is so good for your own creative process. Ive had a bunch of mentors in my life and I owe them all a lot. 

Yeah man I agree with that so much. Whats to look forward to for Lincoln Caplice? 

Well after having 80 percent pleasure and 20 percent work i really need to balance that out. I need head down bum up for a bit. Just do better work, have more experiences, but I'm not saying 80 percent work, I'm just saying balance it out because you gotta still have fun. I'm really excited to do more film work, it's what I want to do with my life and I'm eager to get onto the next project. 

You looking forward to that? 


Thats awesome dude. You know what else is awesome? this chocolate Mars bar. And guess what, half of it is for you. How do you feel about that? 

Stoked! Thanks for the mars bar bro. 

Yeah no worries, that was my last question. 

Rad. That was cool. 

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