Sunday, 08 May 2011. Posted in CHANGE


Thank you so much and an infinite amount of shakas to those who came down on Saturday 28th May 2011, to the ‘Our Home’ Back Yard Bash. The Bands wailed, feet stomped, tears were shed, ‘yews’ called and yarns were spun. In the end the 150 people that came helped to raise $3500 for the kids of the ‘Our Home’ charity, which will pay for a brand new classroom. 

If you did or didn’t come we would appreciate it beyond belief if you guys could help us spread the stoke on raising money for the lil’ grommies of Kerala, South India. Goodcheer hosted an amazing day in their Manly backyard, and even gave us a sneek-peek into their new travel mini-series, ‘Surfing 28 States’ which is due to come out later this year.

With your help guys, we can hopefully make a difference in these orphaned children’s lives, giving them shelter, love and an education that they would not other wise have access to. All we ask is that you post a lil something on your blogs and/or home pages and spread that stoke!!

Thank you all for your support. YEW!